Name: Minha Kim


Perspective 1: Korea say that the island "Dokdo" is theirs.

Perspective 2: Japan say that the island "Dokdo"is theirs.

Description of the conflict
There was a island in Korea, and the Japaneses said that the land is theirs and there was a conflict and had a war. Even Korea sent soldiers to the island. They acted like they stopped the conflict then they are still saying that the island is theirs. last time they fought with another island and one people in Korea stopped them from the argument. They fought because they wanted to have the island where they can go fishing the fishes.

One Sentence Viewpoint of the Korea: They say that the island is theirs because that is closer to Korea.

One Sentence Viewpoint of the Japan: They say that it is there land because according to the history it is theirs.
Dokdo:a945b742800f04628547851240625ac3.jpgSending jets:external image dokdo.jpgexternal image korean_dokdo_fish_tank.jpgfishing