Brett DiMatteo

Natural Resource

Perspective 1
Nigerian Government and Oil Companies

Perspective 2
People who live on the Delta

Description of the Conflict
The Niger Delta in Nigeria has extreme poverty but also the potential for great wealth due to the oil that can be found under the ground in the Delta. Large oil companies including Mobil, Chevron, and Shell are exploiting the resource to the benefit of the companies and the Nigerian Government. The local people just see environmental damage and gain no money from the oil. They remain extremely poor while huge money is exploited from the native habitats. This creates conflict as they fight to gain a share of the profits.

One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 1
Oil Companies: Getting oil from the Delta will help the whole country raise it's standard of living by providing cash from the oil that we extract.

One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 2
People on the Delta: Everyone is getting money from the land under us but all we see is that our river is trashed and we get no money.