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An Offshore drilling machine

Natural Resource
Offshore drilling

Oil Company

Perspective 2

Description of the Conflict
This conflict is about offshore drilling. The oil company are very desperate to drill on the water just to get oil for the US. But the Environmentalists are saying that they're are defentley more than just one way to produce energy instead of drilling oil. Oil Company sent out many people to start offshore drilling with drilling machines. Sometimes when you drill on oceans or seas an oil spill could happen and the whole drilling machine could catch fire if the oil spreads everywhere and onto the motor/engine of the machine. Then many of the workers could die or get very hurt. Environmentalists say that when the pollution of drilling affects animals or Nature a lot then it would affect us humans.

One Sentence viewpoint of the Environmentalist
Many Environmentalists are against offshore drilling because it can affect many water animals and nature when an Oil Spill happens. (An oil spill is when the oil in the drilling machine runs out and a lot of oil falls on the water. Which is very bad for animals).

One Sentence viewpoint of the Oil company
The oil company wants to carry on with offshore drilling because they want more money, oil and space to do the drilling.

This picture shows how to offshore drill

This picture shows how to offshore drill