Name: Alexander Berliner

Natural Resource: Air

Perspective 1: United States

Perspective 2: China external image 0air.jpg

Description of the Conflict:

There are lots of cars in China. In Beijing, there are millions of cars and lots of factories that pollute. There is smog in some parts of China that its not healthy to breath the air. There are people who don't care about nature and drive too often instead of taking a bicycle or walk.There is also pollution there because since there is so much people there.In the United States they do not like that China is making so much pollution because they worry that Antarctica and the North pole will melt and the animals there will be extinct.They also worry that in Africa, the Sahara desert will get bigger and the whole world will get hotter.The air in some parts of China are not healthy to breath and its also not healthy for the environment. China is one of the most polluted countries in the world. China also uses coal to make energy and uses lots of gas to power cars and other machines.The United States does not use as much energy as China does and does not like that China is polluting so much.

One sentence of China's point of view: China takes advantage using all the energy it has and the government thinks that its going to be better for the people with living.

One sentence of the United States point of view: The United States think that China should slow down using there energy so there is not much pollution in the world.

Sources:,, Global Warming(a book)