• Name Gareth Vaughan
  • Natural Resource eliphant tusks[eliphant]

Perspective 1
Perspective 2
:Description of the Conflict
Africa,s government has ban eliphant poaching of eliphant tusks but some poachers are doing it again and Africa,s environmentalists are not happy with the poachers that are killing inicent eliphants just for money
One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 1
In Johannesburg people are trying to stop poaching of elephant tusks since elephant need their tusks and it hurts a lot to cut of a elephants tusks.elephant tusks from african elephants are started to have there tusks smaller than usual from poaching.poaching has bin iligel for a long time and it still happens
One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 2
Elephant tusks are very useful in trade and can be used for medicen and other stuff so we just get it for our buyers ask them not to buy our stuff then.