Victor Del Rio

Natural Resource
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Perspective 1
Congo's Citizens

Perspective 2
Congo's Government

Description of the Conflict
For more than a century the democratic republic of Congo has been using these precious minerals to make money.They are making more than $3000 a day witch means they are getting $21000 a week.Out of this money they buy weapons ,trade
mines and many more things.The citizens are working 13 hour's a day and not getting any money.The government are getting load's of people protesting,insulting and rising shop prices .

One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 1
Congo's citizens perspective:the citizens of Congo are digging for hours trying to find minerals but they are not getting paid so they are angry and protest.Now all shop's have increased the money up by 35%.This is now resulting to be affecting mostly every one in eastern Congo!!!

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One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 2
Congo's Government's perspective:the Government are making the citizens work for them and are not giving any money to there.The Government are making over two million dollars per week selling the Minerals.They trade with the mine worker's with good's and gain control of every mine in the eastern CONGO!!!
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