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  • penranzhang
  • Natural Resource
  • water
  • Perspective 1
  • citizen and scientist
  • Perspective 2
  • government
  • Description of the Conflict
  • If government make a dam . The dam will stick the water and that will make the flood .And that will make the animal on hill die,make a hill be ever been see angina , the citizens move out from the hill and make 100 city and a long history in the hill under the water.The fish will die a lot ,a lot of peoper fishing that will make fish die more . So dam is bad.external image 800px-3GorgesComposite.1688.jpg
  • One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 1 NO,do not make a dam.external image 800px-Dreischluchtendamm_hauptwall_2002.jpg
  • One Sentence viewpoint of Perspective 2YES,we must make a dam.
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